Get Involved: Come to SFYD’s 9th Annual Ball in Blue

 “’How lucky am I to live in this… magnificent place?'”

…reads Dan Moore’s call to arms to the would-be San Francisco tech immigrant.“But then you’ll start wondering if you deserve it,” he continues in his recent Open Letter in the Bold Italic. “When you do get involved, and when you do immerse yourself in the community, you’ll start feeling less lonely and more like you belong. “ From my own experience, I can tell you that involvement in my neighborhood has always been a reliable way to generate a real sense of belonging. Looking for a good way to start getting involved yourself? Try starting here:

Come join me and the San Francisco Young Democrats for the 9th annual Ball In Blue!


(Promo code: ‘Woody’. NOTE – select the amount of the ticket type you want before hitting “Submit”)

What is SFYD’s Ball in Blue?

Paris Hays explains, “SFYD’s Ball in Blue is the Bay Area’s premier event connecting local leaders with young San Franciscans of the Democratic Party.” This social event provides a relaxed atmosphere in which attendees can comfortably mingle and interact with local leaders. “Last year, I did everything from taking a selfie with Mayor Lee to speaking with D8 Supervisor Scott Wiener about increased property stock over cocktails.” said SFYD’s Treasurer, Matt Herrick.

mayor speaking

What is SFYD?

The San Francisco Young Democrats (SFYD) is an active organization that strives to engage young people in the electoral process. Further, it seeks to shape the future of San Francisco and California by engaging its members in policy development, advocacy, and leadership training. Many notable public figures trained to eventually run for and hold office as members and leadership of SFYD. Watch for former club President, CA State Senator Mark Leno, in the lineup of the evening’s speakers. Are you between the ages of 14 and 35? Consider joining! No matter what your background, this is one way to start getting your voice heard. (NOTE: Event is 21+)

pelosi group shot

Leader Pelosi w/ SFYD, 2015 New Year’s Luncheon. (pictured: yours truly, Matt Herrick, David Kornahrens, Nancy Pelosi, Kayla Unger, William Lee-Wagner, Angeles Roy, Julian Bartlett, Diane Le)

Why should you get involved today?
“Your experience living in San Francisco will only be as rewarding and fulfilling as the sincerity of the effort you put into it,” Mr. Moore goes onto wisely state. For anyone enjoying the freedoms provided by the system we live in, SFYD Board President, Diane Le points out that “government and politics affects everything around you, whether you realize it or not.” In the realm of local politics, “young people are always the margin of victory that help candidates/propositions pass” advises SFYD Board Issues and Actions Chair, Chris Gembinski. In my own experience, I’ve been able to make connections with local officials, many of whom will actually pick up their own phones and really listen to feedback.

Come to SFYD’s Ball in Blue IX!

You’re ready to get started and can do so on Wednesday (9/30) at Ruby Skye, 7pm sharp. So brush up on your public policy, dust off those business cards, suit up and get yourself to Ruby Skye. Don’t forget your tickets! Buy now, promo code ‘Woody’.

See you there!

three amigos

PS: I’ve got a LOT less hair than that at the moment…

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