Making the Most of Summer 2015

Is it the end of August already?? How has this happened…

I hope your summer has been a good one! Hopefully we’ve had the chance to hang out and share an experience or two in this fine city of ours. Not the case? Let’s fix that soon!

If you’re up to date on the life of Woody, you know Summer 2015 has certainly had its ups and downs. How it all plays out remains to be seen, but what is certain is that this has been a very busy summer and a rather promising one at that.

What Summer 2015 been all about, in no particular order:

  • Professional Development: At the beginning of the summer I resigned from the company I cofounded over 2 years ago. Not to waste the first summer “off” in years, I’ve been doing everything possible to re-shape myself for my next all-in endeavor.
    • Check out my “website“! I’m utilizing the free pages offered by GitHub, working with Sublime Text 2 as my editor, and hosting simple content on Google Drive and
    • I’ve been re-learning JavaScript as well, taking guidance from the internet as well as the venerable Nolan Brown and others.
    • Consulting has also captured a good amount of my attention. No better way to stay sharp than to select a business you know nothing about, mystery shop the hell out of it, then figure a way to massage all your feedback into a concise format that is both congratulatory and prescriptive. A delicate balance, like unicycling the Playa.
  • Event Production: In the past 5 years I’ve had a part of my brain dedicated to producing events with/for my friends. With free flowing information and ubiquitous, low-friction consumerism as a part of our daily lives, the needs of the human system have moved up Maslow’s Hierarchy. Sharing experiences with your friends, new and old, remains a matter of research and luck, rife with hoping that you have chosen correctly in the use of your time, energy, and resources. Producing experiences that are worth spending one’s time and resources on, especially in the era of Facebook Events, is an art and something I will continue to strive to perfect. Got an idea for an event? Let’s talk, it could be a golden opportunity to connect us all.
  • Body Design: Since moving in with my roommate in January, we’ve been succeeding at cultivating a healthy lifestyle. We redoubled our efforts at shaping our behaviors at the beginning of the summer and the results have been staggering. From pushing ourselves to maintain both a delicious diet and a sustainable exercise regimen to honing our methods and philosophies that guide our behavior, we’re close to defining the full system in such a way that anyone interested could step up and take the challenge and see real results for themselves.
  • Food: A large part of the Body Design philosophy is centered on what we’re eating. If you are what you eat, then in my mind, if you’re interested in being the best version of yourself that you can be, you should eat the best things possible. Going one step further, being able to efficiently produce those things for one’s self and friends, you can take control of the definition of who/what you are. You may have heard of a few of my specialities:
    • Nuggets: Designed to feed 2 or 20, my nuggets recipe uses real chicken, a crispy panko crunch, and serve as the ultimate vehicle for sauce consumption.
    • Travel Guac: Designed to travel as a show-stopping addition to any barbecue, my guac recipe contains the mess of production to home and saves the freshness of mixing for the absolute last moment.
    • Festival Ribs: Originally a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen, it’s been adapted for portability and extreme deliciousness by adopting some (accidental) methods developed by our own test kitchen.
  • Local Politics: Since early 2014 I’ve found myself at an increasing number (and quality) of local political events. It’s been remarkable to develop personal relationships with the people that run this fine city. Don’t like the job they’re doing? Get involved, it’s pretty impressive to see what they are capable of when provided with actionable feedback. Some highlights:
  • Life Logistics: Fitting it all in has been a wild ride. But, if you know me, I have a penchant for running a million things concurrently, usually with pretty decent results. From breaking down the ¢/mile merits of scooter ownership to optimizing the perfect morning workflow, I’m tireless in finding more efficient ways to lively deliciously. Hopefully, this section of publishing can become a great way to share and hone the best hacks we’ve discovered together.

Though I’ve focused a lot on myself and what I’m doing, the reason I’m putting it out there is that I want you to join me! In my experience, there is no more productive or engaging way of living than when the friends, family, and community around you are involved. If you’ve made it to this point in the article, then maybe we’re of a like mind.

Reach out, let’s join forces!

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