(Re)Building In Public

Summer of 2015, what a doozy! Cooking, accident recovery, resignation, consulting, festivals, and adult education. Much to talk about, but let’s cover development for now.

Here I sit, in a code review at my friend’s company, gleaning the difficulties of software development. I’ve been stumbling through my own difficulties in relearning JavaScript, getting up to speed on the state of the art of software development. Past experience has always been rewarding, but never sticky enough to turn into any sort of gainful employment or meaningful skill development. This time around, with the right guidance and the time necessary to maneuver, combined with my past years of professional experience, it’s time to really build something.

So I’ll start with my own site. Until I dive into any customization, this blog won’t count, focus will just be on the things where I’ve worked directly with the code. If you’ve got 15 seconds, check it out.

Prepare your mind to be blown: http://woodhoot.github.io

Stunning, right? :-p

Yeah, pretty lame. But I made it. And I wanna make it better! What should I do next?

Screenshot for posterity (since I plan to change this a lot):


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